Miami, FL
Salary: $37,000.00 to $42,000.00 /year

This is an exciting position in our fast growing marketing agency.

You would be working closely with other Graphic Designers to develop and manage highly effective and scalable branding and marketing campaigns for successful insurance agency owners (clients).

Is this YOU???

-Someone, other than your mother, has identified you as “gifted” in the past (don’t fake this because we’re going to test you…)

-A or occasional B student in all Creative subjects while attending College or Design classes… or rated that highly by your audience if you’re self-taught. You’d be figuring out and mastering the most compelling ways to build clients’ images and drive engagement through visual messages.

ALL of the following characteristics are MUST-HAVES (you’ll be asked to explain how you believe you have them):

– You got to ABL – Always Be Learnin’. You just can’t help that deep desire to improve upon your craft and you’re even willing to do this in your free time, without somebody forcing you.

-You’ll stare at a computer screen for 12 hours straight if that’s needed to meet a deadline, to produce an award-winning design, or to simply get loads of stuff done (does not include getting to the very last of 24 episodes of _________ on Netflix).

-You don’t mind working in a fun, fast-paced environment with mostly young high achievers (it’s a plus if you also don’t mind having a drink or two after a hard day’s work at a happy hour with the rest of the team).

-Positive attitude and solution oriented.

***We fire pissy, gossipy and pessimistic people quickly, so just don’t bother applying if you’re the glass-half-empty type.

-Habit of independently looking for at least one solution when faced with a challenge.

-Willingness to work from our sweet offices in downtown Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood (and not bitch about the drive if you happen to live way out west or north).

-English language proficiency – in both spoken and written forms (we’re in Miami so, of course, not a given).

Seriously now… here are the technical stuff you need to have already:

1. Knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe products, including new Adobe integrations;

2. Familiarity with web design and its many demands and intrinsic elements (coding not required);

3. Photo retouching skills;

4. Full understanding of all current graphic file format compatibilities, quality and needs, in order to conserve the integrity of all created materials;

5. Understanding of social media graphic elements, mostly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube;

6. An understanding of WordPress functionality;

7. At least moderate knowledge of iPad Pro Apps and/or Wacom tablet integrations with Adobe.

These characteristics are ‘music to our ears’:

-You are EXTREMELY creative. And not just on what’s pertaining to graphics, but also in finding smart, viable solutions and applications for current or potential issues.

-You are able to quickly understand how to use new applications – or at least put in extra effort to figure them out.

Other details that shouldn’t be that important if the above stuff resonated deeply with you…

– Compensation can increase based on performance, and working hard to produce real results for self and others will make us motivated to consider it when the time comes.

– Medical benefits

– 401k

– Paid vacation and personal days

– Bonuses

– Pizza for lunch and cookies at staff meetings sometimes. But don’t be high maintenance and expect it all the time.

– Free Starbucks coffee and espresso – we encourage drinking it as much as possible.

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