AMM Client Success Stories

Every week, we'll be highlighting success stories from our clients, covering everything from recommendation to social media success.
Real-life AMM team members will tell you about them from our Miami HQ!

Kevin Spann Insurance Launches Successful Promo!

Our promos can help share valuable insurance information to a large audience in a short time. This week, our client Kevin Spann saw quick results after launching his Life Insurance Calculator Promo. Schedule a demo with us today to find out how your agency can see quick results with our programs as well!

McDyer Agency Promotion Gets 322 Responses!

The McDyer Agency has been seeing a lot of success with our promotions! His most recent promo, a video educating customers about 5 main reasons for financial devastation, got over 300 responses and 51 requests for more information from clients! Make our promos work for your agency, schedule a meeting with one of our incredible team members today!

Brad Tank Insurance Gets 90 Leads in One Weekend!

This past weekend, our client Brad Tank Insurance Agency successfully garnered 90 leads at the Tennessee Valley Fishing Expo! It's community engagement like this that sets our clients apart! 

If you'd like to join our program, give us a call or schedule a web demo!

ECIS Insurance is Off to a Great Start!

Our focus is always on our client's success! Our account manager Gabby was so excited this week to highlight her client ECIS Insurance – Sarah Barkley's recent successes as a member of the AMM team. 

To learn more about how we can create unique, eye-catching designs and publications for your agency, schedule a demo of our extensive services!

Choto Agency Creates Unique Videos for Concierge Page

We love to see how creative our clients can be in utilizing our programs, check out our client Milton Choto's brilliant use of our Concierge business network program.

If you'd like to learn more about how our Concierge Program can help you build your business network, schedule a meeting with an AMM representative!

Thorpe Agency Awarded for Outstanding Performance and Visited by Allstate President!

We are happy to announce the many recent awards received by our client Jason Thorpe! Thorpe was recognized for his charity work with homeless youth and his agency was recognized for its growth and customer service. The agency ALSO had the honor of a visit by Allstate President Glenn Shapiro to implement a new quoting system.

Good things come to those who work for them. We would love to work with you to grow your agency, give us a call today to learn more about how to get started!

Dahlheimer Insurance Supports Breast Cancer Survivors!

As ambassadors of their cause supporting breast cancer survivors, Dahlheimer Insurance teamed up with over 15 other agencies to pool $25,000 for Little Pink Houses of Hope. This money will send 10 families that have been affected by breast cancer on beach vacations. 

The #AgentsOfChange movement is getting bigger every day and we'd love to help your agency learn how to grow and affect change in your community. Call our offices at (786) 322-4999 to learn more about our services!

West Virginia Insurance Services Helps Raise $35,000!

After their partnership with West Virginia Insurance Group, Bright Futures Learning Center was able to raise $35,000 to build new facilities for the autistic students in their care. It is change like this that fuels the #AgentsofChange movement!

If you would like to learn more about how AMM and our partners can help your agency grow and make change in your community, schedule a meeting with us today!

Jusino Insurance Services Makes Homes for the Homeless! 

Jusino Insurance Services' continued relationship with their nonprofit Humble Designs Chicago is going strong! These Agents of Change have now refurbished their second home for a homeless family in their community with funds from their community cause.

We can help you learn how your agency can make an impact in your community, too! Contact us today or schedule a meeting with a member of our team!

Robert Zabbia named Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man of the Year!

This #AMMSuccessStory is close to our heart! Robert Zabbia, one of our long-established clients, has been named Man of the Year by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! He is a proud ambassador of this cause and has raised $173,000 to fund research and provide treatment. We are so proud of Zabbia for representing the #AgentsofChange movement so well! 

If you'd like to join the #AgentsofChange and do good in your community, visit our website at and schedule a meeting to learn more!

Linda Fullman on how her retention rate has risen over the past year!

This week's success comes from one of our oldest clients, Linda Fullman of Fullman & Lawrence Agency. Fullman & Lawrence has been utilizing every aspect of the AMM program and within the past year they've seen retention rise from 85% to 88.9%! Check out the video to learn about the strategies Linda and AMM employ to grow relationships all across the country!

If you'd like to expand your brand, increase your referrals, and retain more clients quickly and painlessly, schedule a meeting with us today.

The Herron Agency takes off in their first 6 months with AMM!

Our AMM Success Story this week comes from one of our newer clients who has been picking up steam with AMM's system, Frank Herron Insurance Agency. Herron's agency has jumped right into our We Gift, Concierge, and Community Cause programs and the results are evident! 

If you would like to kick start your referrals and get more involved in the community like Herron, schedule a meeting with a member of our team to see how our programs can help!

The McDyer and Coffey Agencies present donations to two worthwhile causes!

Our AMM Success Story this week is all about being #AgentsOfChange! The McDyer Insurance Agencies team was able to raise $300 for the Camden Country Emerald Society Pipes and Drums. The Coffey Agencies raised $500 and presented it along with gifts to Mia, a young girl with Turner's Syndrome. 

If you'd like to join the Agents of Change and bring donations to worthwhile cuases in your community while increasing your quotes, learn more and contact us now!

Smith & Clarke Agency makes 22 new connections in one day!

Saini Smith-Clarke's Agency was excited to round up 22 new contacts for potential quotes at the Carmel County Fair. At twenty dollar donations per quote, Smith & Clarke Agency is going to surpass their community cause goals in no time! 

Striving for community goals is important to growing your agency and improving your community! To see how our Agents of Change movement can bring growth to you and your community, schedule a demo with AMM now!

Zabbia Insurance Agency's Referrals Skyrocket in April!

Zabbia Insurance Agency saw a huge spike in their referrals during the month of April as a result of their recent implementation of the Agents of Change Game. A jump from 6-8 average referrals a month to 35 in the month of April is out of this world! If tools like the Agents of Change Game sound like the right fit for you, come to our website and schedule a meeting with us to see how we can make the Agency Marketing Machine work for your agency!

Nicely Insurance Group Raises $500 in the First Month!

Nicely Insurance Group was able to raise $500 in the first month of their new community cause to help one of their clients with cancer. AMM is many things but above all we are #AgentsofChange, so let's celebrate this awesome benchmark in Nicely's worthwhile cause!

If you're interested in becoming an #AgentofChange, come check out the AMM program and schedule a meeting with one of our incredible team members! 

ProVest Insurance Group Reaps 19 Quotes From One Email Blast!

The ProVest Insurance Group team's very first attempt at a new Facebook quiz E-mail blast was a success! 

The team was able to bring in 19 quotes from their first E-mail blast on their new AMM promotion! The blast included a Facebook quiz and information about the types of insurance that grow more expensive as you grow older. Congratulations on getting the word out there ProVest. Keep your eyes on this team as their growth won't be stopping there!

If you're interested in talking with the AMM team about how we can start helping your team bring in more quotes learn more HERE!

Vanderbeck Agency Increases Retention By 3% Using AMM [ASA Live In Miami]

We caught up with Brandon Vanderbeck of The Vanderbeck Agency at ASA's live event in Miami and he spoke about how AMM helped his agency's recommendations and helped their retention rate go up about 3% in the past year!

Interested in what AMM's marketing program can do for your agency? Schedule a web demo HERE


Agency Rally Day Leads To Over 50 Recommendations!

Karen Miller Agency and her amazing team got over 50 recommendations in ONE day supporting Two by Two Animal Rescue.

The rally day event included support from the organization–they brought in a rescue dog–and the team sharing live video feeds of the office on social media.

Rally days are a great way to get everyone on the team onboard and excited about asking for recommendations and helping a great cause in the process! Schedule a web demo of AMM HERE for more information.

$400 Raised in Recommendations In Less Than A Month For An Agency's Customer!

The Deborah Naulls Agency touched the hearts of not only their team members but their customers and community as well. One of their own customers needed help after a tornado damaged her home and the agency was there to be real #AgentsofChange and raise over $400 through recommendations!

Learn how the Agents of Change Movement can help your agency be a hero to your customers and your community…schedule a digital tour of AMM today HERE.

18 Life Insurance Quote Requests, 5 Life Apps and Over 40 Facebook Page Likes in TWO Weeks with AMM's Luxury Promotion!

Agency owner Miguel Angel Gonzalez at Vital Insurance Agency gained 18 Life Insurance quote requests, 5 Life Apps and over 40 Facebook page likes in TWO weeks with AMM's Luxury Promotion!

Schedule a FREE digital tour of our program HERE and learn more about how this can work for YOUR agency.


$500 in Recommendations Raised During ONE Rally Day!

Agency owner Tim Bates and his team at Bates Insurance Agency held a special day to support their cause, LifeLine Pregnancy Care Center–which we call a Rally Day–and in ONE day, raised $500 in recommendations.

One successful rally day led to 4 written policies. That's a great day!

Learn all about how AMM turns your agency into Agents of Change and schedule a program web demo HERE.

$1,570 Raised For Cause, with $300 In Recommendations Sent From The Organization!

ProVest Insurance Group raised $1,570 for Neuro Fitness Foundation during their agency's community cause campaign, with $300 in recommendations (30) sent over from the organization itself!

This agency was able to build a relationship with an important organization in their community while raising support and awareness, while also gaining quote recommendations from current customers.

Click HERE to schedule a program web demo to see how this could work for your agency.


215 Submissions and 102 Insurance Quotes Using Customer Appreciation Promotion!

Agency owner Maria Amaya and her Amaya Premier Agency team hit a record number of 215 submissions and 102 life insurance quote requests using a life insurance calculator customer appreciation prize drawing.

Customer appreciation prize drawings can draw more attention to your agency's website and get more prospective customers quoted.

To see how this could work for your agency, schedule a program web demo, click HERE.


Team Member Spotlight Reaches Over 800 Organically On Facebook

Agency owner Rich Howes and his team at Howes Insurance Agency love their team member spotlights—one of them gained lots of attention, because of a special visual showing off her love of dancing put together by one of our graphic designers. The post reached 800 unique users organically, 231 post clicks and 10 comments. Personal connection to your agency's team members is important for building relationships with customers.

To hear more about this, click HERE to schedule a web demo.

20 Google and Facebook Reviews In 2 Months

Agency owner Chad Lincoln and the McCullars & Lincoln team gained 20 Google and Facebook reviews within just two months.
This is going to increase the agency's reputation and credibility, resulting in more people wanting to do business with him. In time, it will also improve his search engine ranking and therefore the number of people that find his agency!

To see how your agency can get the same results, click HERE to schedule a web demo.

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