2 Roads to 20 More Customers in a Month


It’s no secret, but the infographic makes the following point painfully obvious…

Referrals Recommendations are a far superior form of lead vs. the purchase of internet leads.

  • Recommendations cost a small fraction of internet leads. In this example, $310 vs. $12,000 for 20 new customers.
  • Quoting 31 recommendations takes less than 1/30th the time vs. quoting 1,000 internet leads.
    Not included in that calculation is the fact that you also have to make many more calls to track down the internet lead to even quote them in the first place.
  • The same internet leads that were purchased will likely be resold again in 6-months and kill the retention on those 20 customers.

While there may be situations where buying new leads from anywhere you can get them makes sense, what many agents don’t realize is that there is a method to get far more recommendations than they currently receive, each and every month.

It takes building the habit and culture within the agency, and looking at the recommendation process in a new way.
It’s what many of the tools and activities in the AMM program are focused on driving.

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