Tips To Increase Your Insurance Agency’s Social Media Engagement

Establishing a strong voice for your agency can be difficult when there may be dozens of competing agencies in your area. Don’t let your agency’s amazing work be obscured by only posting generally about insurance — it may be time to make it PERSONAL! :speaking_head_in_silhouette:  Audiences on social media favor transparency from the businesses they choose to work with — and a big part of this is posting about your agency’s behind-the-scenes work, employees, and accomplishments! Posts that are more personal to your agency humanize your business, and in a field like insurance and protection, that makes all the difference. Not only that, but more personal posts do the very best on social media! :tada: 

For example, on their 10th anniversary, Sharer & Associates in New Jersey made a post to thank their loyal customers and celebrate the occasion — all while reaching over 1,000 people organically and earning over 300 engagements!

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