#1 Rule Of Marketing: Don’t Be Boring!

The #1 rule of Marketing (according to a marketing genius): DON’T BE BORING!

According to the Content Marketing Institution, about 80% of businesses use newsletters. But, even though this is proof of their effectiveness, you don’t want to be another of the bunch. You’ll need to stand out – but, how? You know that whatever you do needs to be a newsletter sent to your clients’ emails, so make it a different one!

Make it a magazine! Magazines are more visual than textual; thus, are more attractive to most audiences. But, if you want to make it even more attractive than that, add a little twist. Feature recipes, articles, and fun riddles provided by your own team members!

Finding out what the people they know have to say interests people. The newlywed couple that visited your agency last month wants to hear what you guys have to say! So, go ahead and provide them with the recipe that made Lucy, their agent, famous at dinner parties. Also feature the article that Dave, the agent that quoted them for auto insurance, wrote about self-talk. They will be eager to hear what each of them has to say the following month!

We can assure you that we know a lot about the matter. Our customers’ clients get the coolest monthly publications instead of BORING-looking newsletters. It’s the red carpet of newsletter marketing (minus the glamorous budget). You could be one to get your hands on your own “Our Hometown Magazine”!

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