2017 Marketing Planning for Insurance Agencies

You’ve probably thought about your agency’s financial goal for 2017….

  • But, have you planned exactly what activities you’ll do to get new customers?
  • Have you mapped out, month-by-month, what needs to be done to increase your retention?
  • Do you have a strategy set to cross-sell more to existing customers and know specifically what impact that has on meeting your goal?

Join AMM President, John Tate, for a special 2017 Insurance Agency Marketing Plan Workshop webinar, where you’ll be able to create a plan based on your own goals during the workshop.

It’s extremely important to know your numbers…

Click HERE to download the Excel version of the Marketing Plan Workbook reviewed during the workshop.

Follow along with my example to discover and/or document your:

  • 2017 Goals
  • Growth Required to Reach Goal
  • Retention Analysis
  • Avg. Customer Annual Value
  • Avg. Customer Lifetime Value
  • New Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Detailed Activities and Budget


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