3 Step Easy SEO Process

Hey there, this is John with a marketing tip for you. Let’s talk about SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization.

There is a significant amount of misinformation and just plain bad advice about this topic. Here’s the thing, the vast majority of google searches for insurance related topics, like car insurance and homeowners insurance, displays 3 google maps listings. These 3 listings get the most clicks by far, so that’s what should be focused on, as far as SEO.

MOST of what Google uses to rank you are likely not in your control, for example, your exact office address. If someone that is searching google is geographically located near your office at the time of the search, you’ll be more likely to appear at the top. Here is a quick 3-step process for what you CAN do to affect your google ranking.

Step 1: Claim your Google My Business listing, or request Manager or ownership access to whomever does control it. Then add photos, detailed description, business categories and policy information. Add as much as is allowed.

Step 2: Use this tool on our website to see if your agency has the same information across the other most popular local business directories, including Yelp and Yahoo. That link is included in the post. If you get a message that states, this Location Has Local Listing Sync, then it means that either a carrier, or a paid 3rd party, has connected you into the network of 60-70 local business directories. If you don’t get that message, access any local directories that have bad information and correct them.

Step 3: Get more google reviews! Create an automated or even a manual process, where new customers get emailed or texted a link directly to your Google review page.


Follow those 3 steps and you’ll be on your way to being found by more people in your city that are searching for insurance.


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