5 Reasons Not To Auto-Play Music On Website


As much as we love our favorite bands or show tunes , it’s not a good idea to auto-play ANY music on your agency’s website. Here are 5 reasons why:

1) It’s intrusive. A visitor might not want an entire room of people staring at them for disturbing the peace. 

2) Not their taste. Want to roll the dice that a prospect likes that song? Conversions are tough enough without adding hurdles. 

3) Again…and again. Yes, every time they navigate back to the page, the music will endlessly repeat

4) Bad for SEO. The mp3 might affect the site speed, and Google no likey that. 

5) Bad look. Want customers to trust your opinion on the latest coverages? Less likely if your website appears that it was last updated in 2005.

So, mute that music and those videos that you have on your website, and let yourself move forward to a more successful (and quiet) future!

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