An Average of 25 Monthly Referrals for the Past 5 Years!

Speaker 1: Here at Agency Marketing Machine. We empower the growth of insurance agencies all across the country. Today I’m very happy to share with everyone a success story from one of our longest standing clients. The Considine, Sharer and Associates Agency out in Millstone Township, New Jersey has managed to bring in over $14,000 in community cause donations under the leadership of Bob Considine, Don Sharer and Robin Sharer. The agency has stayed consistent with this program, implementing it and bringing in nearly 25 referrals per month over the course of five years. Now, the key to worthy cause marketing is consistency. And if there’s any lessons learned from today’s success story, it’s that it’s possible and that it works. So congratulations Considine, Sharer and Associates team. You’ve got the gold star for today.

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