The Best Day To Send Customer Email Blasts

Hey, this is John Tate with your Tuesday marketing tip.

This one's going to be about what is the best day of the week to send a broadcast email, a mass email to your customers?

We send a whole lot of email to our insurance agency customer's customers. It's about 800,000 a month that are sent out.

And there is definitely a better time to do that.
When we looked through the data, I was actually a little bit surprised because I thought that it would be more skewed.
I thought maybe Mondays would be absolutely horrible. And Mondays and Tuesdays were not as good overall as Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. But they weren't that far off.

Now Saturdays and Sundays we don't normally send much email. And I think I could see why just based on the limited data that we were looking at. Email that was sent over the weekend, it is something we are going to continue to not do. I do not suggest that.

There just wasn't too much of a difference based on the day.

Where there was a big difference was the time of day.
That had a bigger effect than anything else. And the best time of day was around 11 AM.

So if you're going to send email, do it typically around 11 AM. Maybe skew it towards Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Friday being a little bit better overall.

But also I think a good strategy is to not send it on the exact same day of the week and the same time every time. Because if you have about an, let's say, an 18% email open rate, you don't want to just get those same 18% of people that are always looking at their email around that same time and day of the week. So I'd suggest sending it on a different day once in a while. And maybe around seven AM sometimes, or eight, or nine, or noon. Definitely I don't suggest sending it in the afternoon. Any time after 2 PM you see … We saw, with our data at least, consistently worse results when sent at that time.

But email is not dead at all. You can still get terrific results and be able to create relationships with your customers through email. And they do respond. So have a monthly email newsletter, and email customer appreciation drawings. Things that aren't just about insurance to help build that relationship and build your attention.


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