Client Success Stories: Ditching Business Cards And Standing Out

You killed it at the last networking event and handed out business cards to at least 10 people, but then…no one called??? The good news is, your killer pitch might not be to blame. Your business cards were probably tossed before the event was even over! What would’ve been better?

Doing what the Townsend Agency did less than a month before recording the highest web visitors numbers in their history: making widespread use of a custom, shareable CardApp that instantly claims a piece of real estate on prospects’ mobiles, making it easy-breezy for them to get in touch.

Have you noticed how nowadays EVERYTHING is done through your phone? You can buy clothes, order food, a ride, and even turn your house lights off from the palm of your hand! Why wouldn’t you want to do this too!?

You want to make yourself more accessible to your clients, so let’s place you somewhere that they’re used to look. Reach out to us of you want to learn a little bit more about this!

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