Client Success Stories: 1 Month + 43 New 5-Star Reviews

Talking the talk and walking the walk! Major props to the team at Lawson Insurance Group who got 43 new 5-star google reviews last month!

Is your agency offering amazing service, yet not feeling that much STAR POWER? We’ve got 2 tips to help you change that:

1) Become an #AgentOfChange in your community right away (when you give love, you receive love). We have learned that helping out the community in the name of someone else is a good way to do this. This way you create a win-win situation, or maybe we should say a win-win-win situation. In our experience, tying donations to the number of referrals given has been extremely rewarding. This results in three beneficiaries: the cause, the person referring, and yourself!

2) Create a strategy to stay consistent with…asking! Think about what you’re going to say. We’re not asking you to sit down and write a three-page script, but create a plan to actually ask your clients every time you get a chance to talk to them. Oh, and speaking of scripts…if you come on board with us, we got you!

So if you don’t know where to begin, go ahead and pick our brains!

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