How To Easily Create Landing Pages To Capture Leads, Referrals and More

Hey there, this is John Tate with Agency Marketing Machine and I’ve got another marketing tip for you insurance agents out there.

This tip is about how to easily create a landing page that can capture leads with quote information, or sign-up people to attend an event, or entice customers to refer friends or request quotes on other policies they don’t already have with you.

This might seem difficult, but the fact is that you can do it yourself, without any website or technical skill required.

The best tool we’ve found to create these landing pages is jotform. We’ve created thousands of different pages using it, and like it most because it’s extremely flexible and the forms look really nice.

And to start out, there is a fully functional version that is completely FREE.

We’ve used jotform to create a really cool life insurance calculator that takes a user through a series of questions and then calculates if they might need additional life insurance or not, and if so, how much they might need. Not only can you include complex calculations, depending on prior answers, you can branch off and show different questions.

Of course, at the end, we want to know if they would like a life insurance quote and gather their contact details.

The resulting lead information can then be immediately emailed to any number of people you like.

Another example that we use jotform for all the time, is for customer appreciation drawings. Not only can we track the drawing entries, we can the entrants to watch a short video, and they can only continue and submit their drawing entry after they enter a code shown at the end of the video. We’ve used this technique to schedule thousands of insurance review meetings for agents.

Once you have a form created, you send a Link to the form through email or on a social media post, and when it’s clicked, it can either open onto it’s own page, or you can get the copy and paste code to easily embed the form on a page on your website.

So, the next time you have a great idea, instead of it eventually dying because of the perceived technical work that you think would be required to make it a reality, now, you can go for it.

Action is better than no action, so hop into jotform and create that lead generating machine you’ve been thinking about!


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