Icy Roads? Your Insurance Agency To The Rescue!


DID YOU KNOW that, according to Federal data, about 156,164 auto crashes occur annually due to icy roads? As insurance agents, how do you educate your customers about such risks? Speak to them! No need to call each one on the phone…RECORD CANDID VIDEOS!

Choose topics of interest to them within your realm of expertise, and make sure they see them! Of course, that is only your job if you want them to find so much value in doing business with your agency, they’ll never consider leaving. You’ll become their trusted advisor.

Who will they contact when they have doubts? More accurately, who will they search for when they want more information on an insurance topic? YOU! This will not only help them trust in you more and reach out for a lot of different necessities but also help your SEO! 

So, what are you waiting for? Shoot us a message if you don’t know where to start!

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