Volunteering Makes Cents: Success At Pinnacle Point Insurance

Even if you’re already an Agent of Change in your community, there are still so many ways to continue supporting those in need. When your agency actively volunteers, it not only furthers your reputation as heroes in your area, but also becomes an investment towards your business in several ways:

1. It helps with visibility on social media: Content that shares your agency’s volunteering experience are one of the most successful posts on Facebook. Take Pinnacle Point Insurance, for instance, who reached over 800 people when they built beds for children!

2. It builds relationships with the organizations you support: Close relationships with nonprofits and other organizations are priceless — they will support you when you support them by referring your agency or sharing your posts to their own social media, likely already followed by hundreds!

3. 87% of consumers are more willing to trust brands that give back: As insurance agents, it is imperative that you are trusted to protect. More people are likely to do business with charitable brands, increasing the likelihood of finding new clients!

So, volunteering not only makes your agency trustworthy, but also makes a lot of sense (and CENTS) for improving your business!

If you’d like to find out how to become a hero in your area and invest towards your business at the same time, let’s talk!

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