Boost Your Way To The Top Like Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group

Ever wonder how some posts on social media reach THOUSANDS of people seemingly overnight? 

We’ll let you in on a secret — it can happen with post boosting! Boosted posts are ads you can create from regular posts on your page. They will help your agency reach the top of more people’s feeds, which may ultimately result in more leads, calls, and page views for your team.

 Take Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group’s incredible boosting success as an example — after boosting a giveaway post on Facebook, the agency reached almost 10,000 people of which almost 3,000 came from the boost!  Of course, it benefits to share, like, and comment under your posts in order to reach audiences organically, but BOOSTING can give your content the extra push it needs to make it to the TOP of more people’s feeds!

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