You’ve probably noticed that it’s extremely hard to get people’s attention these days. 

In fact, Microsoft recently released a study that said human attention span has slipped to a mere 8 seconds. That’s down 25% just in the last few years! 

So, who would you say spends the most on advertising in the insurance industry? It’s Geico. They spend a whopping $2 billion a year

Now, do they focus on giving people all the facts about home and auto insurance? Not at all! Most of the time you can’t even tell what they’re selling in their ads, right? But they know that getting people’s attention is what’s most critical.

Think about it – getting a prospect’s attention is essential to being able to sell them insurance. And keeping a customer’s attention…ahhh. Now that’s the sweet spot. That’s essential to being able to sell them moreto retain them, and to get them to refer you to their friends and family. 

The good news is that the numerous tactics we’ve developed at Agency Marketing Machine give local insurance agencies like yours the ability to win the battle for attention and really stand out from the crowd. So, I’d like to invite you to take a look at our latest case study on all the attention we generate for our clients…

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