The AMM Advantage: How We Can Take Your Insurance Agency to the Next Level

If you’ve been following our blogs, you know that we’ve been sharing some pretty juicy info lately on how you can make your insurance agency stand out from the crowd.

Because with over 433,000 insurance agents in the United States, it’s essential that you do.

More and more often in today’s world, loyal customers seem to belong to a bygone era. So establishing yourself as a trusted advisor in your community is critical to building a customer base that will stay with your agency for the long term. Relationships are key, and your marketing can play a huge part in that.

We’re here to help.

AMM recognizes that it takes many different people with a broad variety of skills to make an agency truly successful. To do it all yourself would not only be cost prohibitive, but darn near impossible, given normal human limitations and only 24 hours in a day.

Am I right?

That’s why our proven marketing program utilizes a highly skilled team of:

  • Web Developers
  • Community Relations Specialists
  • Marketing Experts
  • Copywriters
  • Coaches
  • Project Managers
  • Publicists
  • Social Media Experts
  • Graphic Artists

Can you imagine how much it would cost to procure the services of all those specialists for your own individual agency?! But it’s all in our name, baby: Agency Marketing Machine. We have a Machine in place that affords our clients the combined skills of our full team; a team which is wholly dedicated to making sure your agency is unparalleled in your community, affording you the dynamic AMM Advantage.

And since you’re working with the Machine, the cost is minimal. In fact, it costs less than a part-time minimum wage employee to bring AMM’s expertise to your hometown agency.

Pretty neat, right?

We want you to be able to focus on excelling at what it is that you do best – providing the people of your community with quality insurance and financial services.

And leave all that pesky, headache-inducing marketing stuff to us.


At this point, you’re probably thinking,

“So just what can AMM do for me? Exactly how does the Machine work?”

I’m so glad you asked!


We begin by utilizing a survey to determine if we’ll be a good fit for each other. Because if we’re not on the same page both philosophically and in terms of goals, it’s better to know that up front and simply part as friends.

Make sense?

In our survey, we ask you to rank from 1-10 how important the following items are to your agency:


  • Relationships with customers and business partners
  • Trust and standing in the community
  • Referrals/recommendations
  • Customer retention


If each and every one of these items isn’t pretty close to a 10, AMM is probably not the marketing company for you. Because Relationship Marketing is what we stress – developing relationships with customers, prospects and business partners. That’s because we’ve found time and again that it’s these deep, sustaining relationships which create the credibility, trust and loyalty an insurance agency needs to stand out from the crowd and be truly successful for decades.

It’s these relationships, and the trust and confidence your community feels whenever your name is mentioned, that leads to more recommendations.

A lot more recommendations.

And just a couple of percentage points higher in recommendations coming in can mean a huge difference in your revenue.

Trust and Loyalty = more recommendations + greater customer retention = Higher Revenue

Don’t you just love math?!


There are six major areas on which we focus with our awesome marketing program:


1. Brand Identity

Is your agency consistently recognizable? If not, you’re making it more difficult for potential customers not only to find you, but to have confidence in you. That’s no way to build a credible reputation. We make sure people know all about your own individual agency, along with your insurance carrier branding.

Key components we target during your first 30 days with us:

  • You need to have your own world-class brand and a well-designed logo.

Done. We create those for you.

  • You need a website that can let people know just how your agency is different.

Done. We’ll design your own compelling custom website.

  • Your new brand needs to be consistently applied…everywhere, all the time.

Done. We make sure people can easily find and identify your brand.


2. Digital Presence

In today’s world, you need to stay connected. Your customers and prospects are online all the time, searching, clicking and being social. We make sure you’re constantly engaging with them by:

  • Creating and managing your shiny new custom-built website
  • Posting daily to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube
  • Designing your very own mobile app so people can take you on the go
  • Ensuring people can find you everywhere – all over the web


3. Community Involvement

Our last three blogs have gone into quite a bit of detail about the benefits of Worthy Cause Marketing and how it can be utilized for optimal results. As an AMM client, your agency will join our Agents of Change movement, causing you to be seen as a local hero by the people of your community, and putting us in the driver’s seat.

  • We create a community campaign every 60 days benefitting a local charity, family or individual in need
  • We continuously promote your campaigns by featuring them on your website, in social media posts and in your monthly magazine
  • The campaigns greatly contribute to your credibility and reputation, enabling customer participation in a manner which guarantees an ongoing stream of recommendation generation and revenue growth


4. Public Relations Campaigns

No marketing is more impactful than positive PR. We give the press something worth writing about, thereby putting your agency in the spotlight and garnering free publicity.

  • We promote your agency and its community causes through professionally written press releases distributed to countless media outlets which feature you in print, online media, TV and radio
  • As your PR firm, we contact local media and coordinate interviews and other placements


5. Monthly Publication

Keeping your customers, prospects and business partners in the loop on a consistent basis is a crucial feature of relationship-building.

  • We make you the publisher of your own monthly digital magazine called Our Hometown, which is also available to you in print copies
  • With the tagline of ‘Live Well and Thrive’, your magazine furthers your trusted advisor status by the inclusion of fun articles, recipes, book reviews, local events, business partners and other cool stuff
  • Your magazine contains 128 custom components every month, making it truly personalized to your agency and staff
  • A quality publication which is seen by your customers and prospects each and every month keeps you front and center in their minds, giving your brand real value and increasing recommendations and retention


6. Email and Text Campaigns

Through consistent email and text message campaigns, we’re able to implement the latest tactics in marketing and make sure your customers are getting the most out of your agency, utilizing the communication methods they prefer.

  • Creative email and text campaigns help keep clients up to date and drive more business and recommendations your way
  • Your planned campaigns are reviewed for you by your dedicated Account Manger in monthly meetings prior to implementation


So that’s the basics in a nutshell.


Of course, there are other techniques we utilize, such as a monthly coaching call/meeting for you and your staff. And that’s nothing to sneeze at, as we’ve found that in agencies where the entire staff participates in our calls, recommendations more than triple.

Yup. You heard that right.

Our monthly coaching calls actually result in an average of 3.4% greater recommendations when the entire staff participates.

How does that sound to you?

Would your agency benefit from triple the number of recommendations?

Yeah. I thought so.

We love our data because has enabled us to see precisely what is most effective for our clients and craft a marketing program that will truly take your agency to that next level of success.

In fact, after compiling data over the long term, we’ve found the following:


Before AMM, clients consistently reported that their agencies were stuck with:

  • Little trust
  • No consistent relationship building
  • No consistent community involvement
  • Small digital presence
  • Not standing out from the crowd
  • Few client recommendations
  • Few business partners and recommendations
  • Just a commodity, pitching price


After AMM, our clients consistently report benefits of:

  • Gaining trust
  • Consistent relationship building
  • Monthly community cause campaigns and public relations
  • World-class digital presence
  • Their own brand stands out above other agencies
  • Multiples of client recommendations
  • Large network of referral business partners
  • Elimination of price discussion


With AMM, your agency will be building a strong foundation with which to increase and maintain business over the long haul – a foundation built through trusting, lasting relationships.

Pretty cool, right?

So how can you get started putting AMM’s resources to work for your agency?

We promise exclusivity by zip code, so first, we need to determine your agency’s eligibility.  Since our marketing efforts are so effective in making agencies stand out from the vast sea of insurance agencies, we understandably don’t want to offer our program to multiple clients in the same area.

To determine if your agency is eligible for our help, and to get any questions answered, all you need to do is request a short web meeting with our experts.

The time to claim your successful future is today!

Carpe diem! Seize the day!

And find out for yourself what the AMM Advantage can mean to your agency.

Marketing Machine

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