Are You Using Marketing Automation in Your Agency?


A Salesforce survey of marketing leaders identified that 88% of them use a marketing automation platform in 2019.


If you are actively creating new relationships with prospective customers, of course 100% of them are not going to purchase a policy right away, and these days you MUST have a way to keep in touch with them.

The best way to get this done is through an automated process, and hopefully, it’s in addition to a process where your team is making outbound calls when it makes sense.

Marketing automation is about nurturing, or dripping, prospective customers by providing them valuable content on a continuous basis, where over time, you can turn some of them into customers.

You may be more familiar with the term funnel or clickfunnel, which is pretty much the same thing, WELL, marketing automation platforms are what is used to create those funnels.

Campaigns (or funnels) are set up so that particular prospects can be sent personalized messages specific to what they need. This content can be delivered through email, website posts, social media, texting and even good ole direct mail.

The AUTOMATION part of it is the key.

You can set up a campaign once, and eliminate the back-breaking effort of sending out these periodic messages yourself for each individual prospect, and then creating a calendar entry for when you need to send the next message. Of course, steps often get forgotten, and then much of the effort and money that was spent on creating this prospect initially, is wasted.

There are a wide variety of marketing automation platforms, and it’s possible that your agency management system has something built into it, but it likely doesn’t have many bells and whistles, because that’s not its primary use.

The initial setup of these platforms, can actually still be back-breaking, as some of them are a bit complicated.

There are HUNDREDS of different platforms, but I can tell you at AMM, we internally use Infusionsoft and Bombbomb, amongst others.

For our clients, we now use InsuredMine.

I know other agents use a wide variety of others, like hubspot, ricochet, activecampaign, and although I haven’t tried it myself, I see that Mailchimp has added some marketing automation capability which might be convenient if you already use this tool for your email broadcasts.

Now, many implementations of these platforms fail. In part, because you still need to put the valuable content for your prospects into the platform. So, you’ve got to take the time to actually plan out and write the emails and posts, but I think it will be well worth the time and monetary investment for you to do this.

Until next time!

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