Using The Power of Email in Your Insurance Agency’s Marketing


Hi, I’m Natalia Tate and I know we talk about emails quite a bit here, but that’s because EMAIL is still one of the highest-performing marketing tools today! You better believe it.

Even when YOU don’t email your prospects and customers, your competitors still do. So you have to at least show up.

Just think about this the next time you’re writing one:

Every email is almost like a knock on somebody’s door. It might be a little intrusive, so make it count!
Your subject line will decide if that door will open or not. You gotta inject some power there!

Then make your awesome news, obvious right away so that door doesn’t close right before you get to the juicy part.

But don’t forget your good manners, say hello first! Always always consider WHO’s getting that message. You gotta really speak their language!

Be extremely clear!!! You don’t have body language to rely on, so figure out the best WORDS to use!
It might be tempting to use emojis and all caps to get your point across, but don’t… unless that’s someone you know extremely well. Or if your product is also very casual.

Hope this checklist helps… See you next time!

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