Why You Should Utilize Worthy Cause Marketing For Your Agency

Are you interested in generating more leads and creating more compelling marketing for your insurance agency?

Call me crazy, but I bet the answer is yes. But…training in effective marketing didn’t come with your insurance license, right?

Most agency owners even feel that it detracts from their ‘real’ business. The problem is that if you don’t pay attention to your marketing, you won’t have any business. It’s a jungle out there, and competition is fierce.
So how can you generate more leads and create more powerful marketing?

In years past, companies had a kind of built-in loyalty. Our worlds were small – a handful of blocks, a small town, a few thousand people. Places may have had only 1 or 2 car dealerships, realtors, lawyers, mechanics, insurance agents. Our parents and grandparents knew everyone in town and patronized the same businesses for their entire lifetimes.

They picked one and they stuck with them, year after year, even generation after generation, as folks handed their companies down to their children and families handed their loyalties down, as well.

Not so much anymore.

Today, our population is constantly in transit. People move between cities and states regularly during their lifetimes. The internet has taken us global, and made consumers much savvier. They not only can see all the agencies in their area, but they can choose a company across the country. Where’s the loyalty?

So when there are over 433,000 insurance agents in our nation vying for business, how the heck can your agency, that one small fish in a vast ocean of agencies, possibly stand out from the crowd?

Don’t go jumping off a cliff just yet, because there is an answer: Worthy Cause Marketing.

Imagine you could initiate a marketing campaign that would re-create those bygone days of trust and loyalty. We are all nostalgic for the time of trust and compassion in business. When we knew the people with whom we did business truly cared. We all crave relationships in this new, impersonal world.

People are looking for connection, and they can still be loyal if we give them a good reason to be.

Worthy Cause Marketing focuses on building a reputation in your community through helping local people in their most difficult times. What exactly is it that insurance agents do? They work to protect people, protect families. It’s a very short leap from protecting people, to helping people in need.

The United States is one of the most generous nations on earth. And I’m not talking about our government. I’m talking about the way our citizens dig deeply into their pockets to help others when disaster strikes, whether in the next state or around the world.

Any salesperson’s results increase when they focus on making an emotional appeal. People not only buy from people they like, they will buy more if you reach them on an emotional level.

Worthy Cause Marketing does exactly that.
It’s also grassroots, produces instant gratification, is highly effective and your customers will love you for it.

A recent survey* found that when a company supports a social or environmental cause, those surveyed felt:

  • 91% likely to have a positive image
  • 87% more willing to trust
  • 87% more loyalty towards that business, and
  • 91% State they would switch brands to support a cause

*Global CSR Study, CONE Communications, January 2015

A 2014 Neilson study actually found that 55% of consumers would pay more for products from brands that support causes!

It’s simply human nature to want to help people experiencing unusually trying times. At a time when most agencies, and people, are focusing on prices, appealing to emotion makes a powerful statement. After all, you and your family are residents of your community. Wouldn’t you prefer to do business with a company that was working to better the community where your children live?

In your city right now, I guarantee that there are countless people in need: children fighting cancer, young families dealing with the sudden loss of their breadwinner, the elderly forced out of their homes, houses destroyed by tornadoes and flooding, battered women and children, the homeless and hungry. The list is virtually endless.
You can be the answer to their prayers!

One of the greatest things about Worthy Cause Marketing is that you don’t even have to ask your customers for donations.
What’s that, you ask?
If you don’t ask customers to donate, how the heck is any money raised?

Because the agency commits to donating $10 for each recommendation (referral) they receive.

Look at it like this: you can pay $10+ per lead for a Google click, which results in a quotation about 5% of the time. As you probably know, the leads have an incredibly low closing rate and only about 70% retention, because these folks have no real loyalty to your agency.
It’s a vicious circle that saps time, energy and money.

We all know that obtaining recommendations is by far the most effective method of lead generation. Recommendations have a very high closing rate (50-70%), and about 93% retention.
Less work, less time, less money – greater trust and loyalty.
And more revenue.

So which would you rather do: spend $10 on a Google lead, which is largely ineffective, or contribute $10 to a local family in need, which is highly effective because it makes you stand out in your community (and actually helps someone)?

You never knew it was so lucrative to channel your inner superhero, did you?

Another benefit: agents are notoriously terrible at asking for recommendations. Few do it on any kind of a consistent basis. But Worthy Cause Marketing makes it ridiculously easy to get multiple recommendations from each customer. It gives your customers the opportunity to help a local family, it doesn’t cost them anything to do, and the recommendations they give are significantly more likely to follow through with the quote because it will help people in need.

So wait – it costs the same, you get more recommendations, close more sales, have greater retention, spend less time, build trusting, long-term relationships within your community AND do some good?


Pretty powerful, right?

So discover your inner philanthropist! Have fun with it. Be sincere. Be genuine. Be authentic.
And watch your business…and your reputation, grow.


Next up: The ABCs of Worthy Cause Marketing


So why aren’t more agencies utilizing Worthy Cause Marketing?
Probably because it takes time, organization, and a flair for marketing.

They simply don’t have the machine in place to handle it.
See what we did there? The machine? Get it?

Agency Marketing Machine is your machine.

In fact, AMM works hard to establish you as ‘Agents of Change’…the new superheroes of your community.

  • We identify local worthy causes
  • Create a campaign
  • Promote the campaign
  • Organize the campaign
  • Repeat every 60-90 days with a new cause

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